The owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who mauled the face of two-year-old Keiron Guess on Monday has blamed the vicious attack on the negligence of the toddler’s parents. Keiron, who could potentially lose sight in his left eye, had his ear, some of his nose and a chunk from the back of his head bitten off by Garfield King’s dog after he was left to wander into the owner’s garden.

King who managed to pull the dog off Keiron after attempts from the toddler’s family told the Sun:

I was watching the Jubilee on the television. I heard squeaking and went outside… The dog looked like he was playing with something. I thought it was a dolly at first. Then I saw it was a baby. I’m still in shock… If you’re a parent, you have to look after your children 24 hours a day. If it wasn’t a dog, it could have been a paedophile.

King is unlikely to be charged by the police because the attacked occurred on his property. The dog was later put down that day.