Rihanna Hackney Weekend Glasses
We all tried our best to send our younger brothers and husbands to family in the countryside when we heard Rihanna was coming to town. And it seems that in revenge, the Bajan singer decided to be so filthy during her performance at the Hackney Weekend event this weekend that the Queen has banned her from entering the country for a year!

Ok she hasn’t really, but that’s the amount of time it would take us to get over these appalling pictures. So where do we start. Rihanna’s failure to change her sweaty clothes? Rihanna letting a fan adjust her bra? Or maybe Rihanna grabbing her private bits?

We see you girlfriend!

The Where Have You Been singer most definitely broke out in a sweat trying to dance as she belted out a number of her hits, and we know she’s loaded. So why wouldn’t she just slip a clean dress on as she headed to celeb hot spot Whisky Mist after her performance, or is that not cool anymore?

Rihanna also let a stranger, yes a stranger touch her bra strap while she was performing. (Like she doesn’t have people for that.) And even though there’s a scary looking security guard eyeing up the stranger’s hands, we’re pretty sure the lucky guy or gal had a cheeky stroke of Rihanna’s back while reattaching her mic pack to the back of her bra. Now that’s something to put on your CV.

And if that wasn’t bad enough she then started playing the X-rated version of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Which is so filthy only pictures can explain it.

Well what would a London festival be without a drunken wild child grabbing her boobs eh?