Chavtastic Grey tracksuit? Check. Bright White trainers? Check. Greasy jet black fake hair? Check. It seems that pop princess turned adult movie star Tulisa has had quite an influence on Bajan superstar Rihanna, in terms of fashion at least.

If we were going to take style inspiration from Tulisa at any point in her career, it would definitely be after her insanely expensive X Factor makeover. Remember when she went from teenage chav to FHM’s sexiest women overnight and actually started wearing clothes that weren’t from the sportswear or children’s sections?

Well it seems Rihanna wants to tap into that pre-Simon Cowell chavtastic allure, as she was spotted leaving her London hotel on 25 June in this Adidas Cropped Zip Hoodie and Collegiate Track Pants. Which  are a new spin on a classic tracksuit with their loose cuffs, large open side-seam pockets, and harem pant styling.

While Rihanna’s outfit probably cost 10 times more than Tulisa’s, unfortunately it doesn’t make the fact that she’s wearing it any more acceptable.

We would probably be willing to let Rihanna off the hook and let her have a dress down day after her energetic performances at Hackney Weekend,  if she hadn’t worn a recycled outfit the day before. Adding insult to injury, Rihanna committed a fashion faux pas on Tuesday by wearing her iconic Armani denim jumpsuit which we all cooed over in February with a pair of Timberlands. *side eye*

To be fair to her, she did design the jumpsuit but everyone knows once you wear something so well at one event, you can’t wear it again with a pair of workman’s boots.

Rihanna wore the Armani jumpsuit in Palms nightclub, West Hollywood in February this year

You can’t pull the wool over our eyes Rihanna, those West Hollywood pictures were our desktop backgrounds up until a few weeks ago.

Two dressed down days and a recycled outfit?! And you got papped in both? Damn girl, at least Tulisa would’ve had the decency to hide from the cameras.