The jet-lag really seems to be affecting Rita Ora and she must still be on American time as she keeps wearing pyjamas during the day and day dresses at night.

After rocking a head to toe white pyjama look for her performance at the Hackney Weekend on Saturday, she went for a halter-neck red dress for a traffic light party at London club DSTRKT that night, showing the world that she is 100% taken.

For those who don’t know; at a traffic light party green means available, red means taken and orange basically means your Facebook status is ‘it’s complicated.’

Although Rita’s dress was fab, we did notice that she swagger jacked Rihanna with her beaded leather inspired KTZ £252 harness visor, similar to the head-piece Rihanna wore to perform with Jay-Z that same night.

B*tch stole my look!

If these two are trying to prove how different they are, they’re going to need to try harder. But there’s no denying that Rita Ora looked red hot.

Pappzd Verdict: Shake Their Hand