Eh? Why am I so cold?

Rita Ora has successfully shown that with age does not neccessarily come wisdom. The 21-year-old singer bared her behind to hundreds of fans at a Coldplay gig in Manchester, for which she was the supporting act.

Netting generally signifies an outfit on a downward spiral, but teaming a netted vest top with shorts so high-waisted they give you a camel toe, plus a yellow orange and purple shirt is just not working on any level at all. Yes we know sports luxe is a huge trend right now, but we are failing to see the luxe here.

While she might have warmed up the crowd, it looks like she could have been in some need of warming herself up, as her barely there shorts left her buttocks exposed to the cold northern chill.

Peachy as her behind may be, the rest of the outfit isn’t. Rita dons a kind of 80s aerobics chic that we would rather see the back of, and yes we know you love Jordans, but sometimes shoes are good too.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the Stylist