Shannon Rennie was attacked by an Akita

A 7-year-old schoolgirl had her face mauled by a Japanese Akita dog while playing at a friend’s house in Nottingham last month.

Shannon Rennie had to have more than 10 stitches to her face after the dog attacked her while she was enjoying herself in the garden.

The Japanese dogs are not classifed as dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act, but clearly they aren’t the type of dogs you put in a handbag judging by the scars Shannon will probably be left with for the rest of her life.

Shannon pictured with her mother and an Akita dog similar to the one that attacked her

Shannon’s mother, Sharon Scholes, was delivering leaflets when she heard screaming coming from the house where her daughter was playing and has been left traumatised by the sounds ever since. She said

I ran over to the house because I knew Shannon was there – she was in the garden lying on the ground covered in blood. To hear your daughter scream like that is just awful, there was blood pouring from five different wounds. I picked her up and held her in my arms, I felt sick and couldn’t stop shaking – I nearly dropped her because I was shaking that much. She was really badly injured. She had bites under her eye, some skin had come off on her nose and her chin was really bad too.

Because the attack took place on private property, no criminal prosecution can be made against the owner and apparently the owners of the dog have shown no concern for Shannon’s well-being nor have they apologised for their pet’s behaviour.

Police have seized the Akita and will hold the dog until a decision has been made regarding whether or not it should be put down.