Last month, Scorcher or Sadie Ama welcomed the birth of their new son. However, that hasn’t stopped the thirst attention from groupies, as the MC revealed in a recent interview with Maxim.

The It’s All Love star dished the dirt on some of the more weird gestures a groupie has made towards him and proved that it isn’t just the females who get a bit too keen:

One thing really did stick out on my mind- a guy put my hand on his girl’s bum. I was so baffled, I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking if I take my hand away he’ll think I was saying “your girl is shit” but then I didn’t want to grope his girlfriend in front of him. It was so awkward.

Another time, I was just having a rant on twitter about how I like my sex, what positions etc and some girl said she’s in bed lying next to her husband and right now her pussy is crying for me. I definitely had to retweet her and let people know that someone just said that.

Oh. We wonder if her husband has a Twitter account. That could have been an uncomfortable conversation the next morning.

Nevertheless, despite having married women throwing themselves (and their dignity) at him, Scorcher only has eyes for Sadie, which he made clear when asked what his ideal woman would look like:

Hmm whoa, maybe the lady that I am seeing at the moment, I’ll leave it there.

Aww. Looks like those groupies might want to turn their attention to a grime star that’s single!