Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all? Because we’re having a hard time over here at the Pappzd HQ deciding which UK model should win the 2012 Urban Model Award for Sexiest UK Model.

The 2012 Urban Model Awards take place on 4 August 2012 in Washington DC and it’s nice to see that there will be home grown talent attending and showing the world what UK women are made of. Let’s take a look at the nominees and their ASSets.

1. Tabby Brown

Having been the first UK model to ever play the leading role in an American artist music video (B.o.B’s Magic) there is no doubt that Tabby Brown definitely deserves some kind of award for her hard modelling work.

Her impressive CV includes: multiple music videos with big artists such as Akon and French Montana, featuring in American magazine Black Men’s Magazine, appearing on Channel Five’s The Bachelor, and working as an official Playboy Bunny at the Playboy club in London.

2. Vanessa Bee

We’re not surprised that Vanessa Bee is nominated for a UMA this year, I mean look at her! Her God given chest aka Weapons of Mass Destruction have the power to hypnotise anybody.

Not only is she an official Butterfly Model but she was also featured on WorldStarHipHop as eye candy and till this day we’re still drooling over the video.

3. Carmel Candy

Sweet as candy (excuse the cliche but we just had too) Carmel Candy is certainly causing a storm over here in the UK as well as overseas in America. Carmel has succeeded in featuring in two of the biggest men’s magazines in the world this year, KING magazine and Show Magazine.

Her quirky YouTube videos show off her crazy personality and one of them even ended up on WorldStarHipHop and gained her a lot of fans (including us).

4. Jahreen the Dream

Booty booty booty! Jahreen the Dream certainly  has one of the biggest and roundest ASSets out of all the nominees. Like Vanessa Bee she is also an official Butterfly Model and has appeared in a number of magazines  such as Candy Mag, Black Stallionz, Hip Hop Junkiez , and GGurls.

You will have also seen her in a number of music videos including Teran G,B Dubble, Crazy Cousins Mega and Swiss So Solid, Barz da Star and OMA award winner Don Dru Blu.

5. Elisha Jade

Brummie born Elisha Jade first caught our attention when she appeared in BBC Three’s Music, Money ,and Hip Hop Honeys.

Since then Elisha has featured in both KING magazine and Show Magazine (two of the most prestigious men’s magazines in the world) as well as HEDD magazine, Straight Stunting and Loaded magazine to name but a few. Will she be adding a UMA award to her list of accomplishments?

 6. Miss London

Inked up model Miss London has graced the covers of Urban Ink Magazine (with Rick Ross), and has been featured in several other international publications including Black Men’s Magazine, Donk and Smooth Magazine.

Her tattoos give her more of an edge compared to the other girls, but is this enough to convince the public to vote for her? She’s certainly got ours!

If it were up to us, all six contestants would take home an award, but who would you pick? Vote here.