We’re still coming to terms with the fact that Canadian superstar Drake admitted that he’s a fan of Sneakbo earlier this year. And although we laughed off rumours that the pair were working on a track together, it looks like we might have to eat our words after the JetSki Wave artist revealed there are plans for a possible collaboration in the pipeline.

Sneakbo told DJ DUBL how the love from Drake has been overwhelming:

I’m overwhelmed about that… three, two years I’ve been a fan of Drake and everyone around me, like all the girls and all my friends and that, they love Drake so for him, a big US artist, to notice me from Brixton, I’m happy. Hopefully that [the collaboration] is going to come.

Hmm. We’re still not convinced that this will materialise, but we can’t deny that a Sneakbo-Drake collaboration would be worth a listen.

Sneakbo hangs out with Drizzy during his UK tour

Despite the prospect of recording with Drake, Sneakbo went on to say that his ultimate collaboration would be with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson:

Since I was young, any song he makes I can relate to them. Anyone can relate to them. And that’s when I was young and if I listen to it now it’s the same feeling. I can’t really listen to no old songs no more, but him, I could listen to him forever.

Now THAT we would pay very good money to hear.