Sneakbo leaning on a fence

South London rapper Sneakbo has revealed that he wants to leave the “hood” and the ghetto music behind.

He told Urban World TV:

That ‘hood music aint getting you no money

You’re due to have trouble ’cause there’s a lot of hood people in there.

Sneakbo said other areas do not have the same kind of problems:

I’m in the club with people that can actually behave, drink, have fun. It’s a different life

No stranger to being in trouble with the police, it looks like Sneakbo has chosen to reform after previously having a lucky escape from serving jail time.

His links to the murders of 15-year-old school boy Zac Olumegbon was heavily documented in a BBC Three program, but it looks like Sneakbo has set his mind on sweeping all his skeletons under the mat.

Watch the interview below.

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