Lady Sovereign (we haven’t thought about her in a while either) can’t be reigning over much after the Random rapper tweeted this random tweet!

The link takes you to her UK Ebay page which shows the auction of a t-shirt signed by the fiery pint-sized rapper from north west London.

Forgive us if we’re wrong, which is rare, but are you thinking what we’re thinking? How is it worth selling if you’re not reaaally that popular anymore?… well… not in the UK anyway… *face to palm*.

Celebs normally only do that if they’re…. broke?

A source told Pappzd:

She hasn’t got any qualifications. Music is all she has and it’s all she wants to do.

But hey, it’s only been up a few hours and she’s had 16 bids for the semi-prized t-shirt already – even though the auction stands at 46 quid!