British athlete Natasha Danvers has retired from sport due to a series of injuries and setbacks that she has been unable to overcome.

Danvers won a Bronze medal  in the 400m hurdles at Beijing 2008, but has been struggling with an Achilles problem recently. And last year the 34-year-old athlete attempted suicide while trying to recover from her injuries.

This isn’t the first time the London born star has had to miss out due to injury or other complications. In 2004 Danvers missed the Olympics in Greece, because she was pregnant and in 2009 missed the World Championships in Berlin due to a hamstring injury. These setbacks have clearly taken their toll on the mother-of-one, who shared her suicide secret with the Sunday People

I had a packet of sleeping pills, which I’d been prescribed because I was suffering from insomnia, and started taking them all. I think I’d had about nine in the end. I remember feeling woozy, but I was trying to text my boyfriend with some message about making sure he lived life to the full. I don’t know how but I called my boyfriend who alerted my cousin

Retirement so close to an Olympic game was an extremely difficult choice, but Danvers explained how her body just couldn’t take it anymore

Since winning Olympic bronze in Beijing, I have made so many sacrifices to fulfil my dream of competing in London. Making the decision to relocate back to the UK meant leaving my seven-year-old son behind in America, which is the hardest thing in the world to do. But we genuinely believed I could step onto that podium again… I’ve done everything possible to try to achieve that. Sadly my body has had enough.