This is why we like our Jessie. When it’s her day off she doesn’t swan off to some swanky five-star hotel and exclusive beach in some place we’ve never heard of. Oh no. Our old girl spends her day off at a sleepy town on the fringes of the M25… Chertsey.

However this town happens to be the home of Britain’s greatest amusement park, Thorpe Park. We wondering for a second why Thorpe Park was trending? I mean.. it’s not like kids are out of school yet? Then we realised it’s all because Jessie’s fans aka “heartbeats” started to go mental on Twitter because she was spending her day off there.

She was accompanied by an entourage of security as she went from ride to ride enjoying the best that TP had to offer.

Some heartbeats tweeted hysterically:


Away from the hype, take a look at what she’s wearing… Does she seriously dress like that on her day off? Come on Jessie we know you can do better than that!

Feeling a little bit toooo relaxed if you ask me!