After all the excitement for Kanye West’s Air Yeezy 2 trainers, we thought Tinie Tempah would blow us away with the exciting new collaboration he’s been going on about for weeks. But when he finally unveiled the finished product, we were as impressed as the Queen watching Grace Jones perform at the Diamond Jubilee concert.

Teaming up with Nike, the rapper has produced what we can only describe as a very subtly customised red Blazer trainer. On closer inspection, the only things we can see that set them apart from a normal pair of Blazers is the Disturbing London logo on the tongue and the brand name written on the back. Also, the thick bit of hideous rubber at the front of the shoe, which is usually (and with good reason) not featured.

The one saving grace is the vibrant colour, which does seem to match, whether it was intentional or not, the brand’s logo.

Tinie shows off the simple design, and his pretty little ankles

We know the Pass Out star is not a fashion designer, but we did expect something a little bit more spectacular. We don’t think we’ll be rushing to Footlocker to grab ourselves a pair, let alone queuing for hours outside Niketown.

Next time perhaps Tinie should give Kanye a call. There’s someone who really knows how to create a sell out of a pair of Nikes.