There’s no denying that Tulisa Contostavlos loves attention, what would she be doing if she wasn’t hitting headlines for doing or saying something a little controversial? This weekend the X Factor judge admitted in an unauthorised biography that she was the witness of a gang stabbing back in 2008 at the birthday party of her boyfriend at the time Adam Bailey.

In September 2008 Tulisa and former band mate Dappy attended Adam’s 24th birthday party where a fight involving 20 men broke out leading to a stabbing. The Young singer then went on to reveal that she phoned her manager Jonathan Shalit and fled the scene before she alerted police and was later arrested for fleeing a crime scene.

The 23-year-old had to stand trial at Blackfriars’ Crown Court to defend Bailey, who was accused of wounding with intent and dangerous driving. She told the jury that she had just jumped out of her car when she noticed a gang of hooded men walking towards her

All I heard was, “Where’s the ’ting? Buss it’ (Slang for ‘Where is the gun? Shoot it’).” When I heard that, I thought, “Oh my God, he’s got a gun.”

Tulisa explained how she watched Bailey lose control of the vehicle when he tried to divert the gang’s attention by driving into them which lead him to do a ‘full tumble’ before he escaped his wrecked car, jumped into Tulisa’s car and drove off with her. 

I thought, “Oh my God, he’s dead.” I was screaming hysterically. I thought, “If he’s not dead, they are going to jump on him and kill him,”‘

Well, she kept that one quiet! Tulisa claimed that her first instinct was to call her manager because she was worried about N-Dubz’s image. Now correct me if I’m wrong but N-Dubz have never had a squeaky clean image. Surely another arrest to add to the band’s rap sheet wouldn’t hurt.