If the rumours about the Dream and Tulisa dating are true, then the X Factor judge might want to rethink her outfits before she heads out with the American producer again.

The famous pair was spotted walking around New York last week in equally boring outfits, but we’re not here to talk about the Dream. Now Tulisa did look cute in her denim shorts and Mickey Mouse top, but in my experience dressing up as a 15-year-old has never landed me a hot date with one of the biggest American producers.

So here’s some tips for you Tulisa:

1. If you’re trying to make a guy fancy you, don’t dress like you’re going to a theme park. You’re in New York and you’re one of England’s biggest Popstars at least make an effort.

2. If you’re going to hang out with the Dream make sure there are no attractive girls in the vicinity. Especially the type of girls who always have their tits out

Tulisa looks back and realises she should have picked cleavage over leg

3. And lastly. Has Tulisa forgotten who the Dream’s baby mama is?

Can Tulisa compete with this?

We’ll be looking out for and judging your next outfit Tulisa, so please make it a good one.