Let’s all give a warm welcome to the newest resident of that quiet little place we like to call cougar town. American supermodel turned global business mogul Tyra Banks has decided to try her hand at dating the more younger male and has found a catch in 24-year old British boxer turned Givenchy model Robert Evans *cough 14 years her junior cough*

According to Radar Online the Banbury born hunk, who is also a judge on the newest season of America’s Next Top Model, (coincidence I know) has been spotted flirting with Tyra on dinner dates and entering hotels with her in LA. And this week a photo that the ANTM founder tweeted to her followers led to even more speculation that the pair are an item.

That's right Tyra shove those breasts in Robert's face

As Tyra’s three year relationship with New York banker John Utendahl turned sour in December last year, maybe taking a note from professional cougars Maria Carey, JLo, Madonna and to a lesser extent Caroline Flack is a no-brainer. And as for Robert, well allegedly sleeping with the boss can only be a good thing, right?