Usher has revealed that he made plans to record with the late Amy Winehouse before her tragic death last year.

The Climax star told MTV news that he tracked down her producer Salaam Remi who had worked with Amy extensively. He said:

We met and we talked about it for a moment when I saw her.

There was a few conversations that took place, but we never quite made it to it … I would have loved it.

One of the occasions when they discussed the possible duo was when they bumped into each other at London’s Selfridges:

I was shopping and she was doing some private shopping and she came out and we kind of crossed each other’s [paths] and, [I was like] ‘Is that Amy Winehouse?’ … And before you know it we talked and exchanged information and I invited her to a show … and she didn’t come.

Amy couldn’t make it to the show and sent a relation in her place instead. Usher lamented:

It could have been one of the most incredible records ever.

A voice like that comes once in a lifetime.

What a missed opportunity. It would have been amazing! Sad times :(