The latest web series hottie to make us wanna leave our boyfriends is actor and model Jean-Louis Pascal. As we watched the latest episode of new online show Venus vs Mars, we couldn’t help but fall for the oh so sexy Mr Pascal who plays the main character’s bad boy brother. *Faints*

Unlike some of the so called actors these days, Jean was professionally trained at Sylvia Young Theatre School, and you might recognise him from his role as Jay in the sold out theatre production Love is a Losing Game from 2009 to 2011 which also featured fellow hottie Aaron Fontaine.

We totally empathise with him in the show because of his paranoid girlfriend Georgia. Although it would be hard not to be paranoid with a boyfriend that looked like that. But no worries a bit of chloroform will be sure to keep him forever in your grip. Or basement.

So ladies if your other half is asleep or you want something to ogle at during the Euro 2012 finals this Sunday, then look no further… if you can handle it.