Guess who’s back in the Twitter beef ring again? Yep it’s Wiley who has decided to have a rematch with fellow artist Dot Rotten.

It looks like round one back in March just didn’t satisfy them and so they are going at it again, via Twitter of course. *eye roll*.

From what we understand, this time the pair are sparring over Wiley giving Dot Rotten an opportunity to work with him, and Dot having a Rotten attitude towards it.

Yikes! It looks like Dot Rotten might be getting a little bit too big for his boots.

Dot then took it to another level by trying to embarrass Wiley with a tall tale from back in the day.

He claims Wiley smoked grass (yes real grass that grows in the garden) thinking it was an illegal substance.

And just in case we weren’t sure what grass was, Dot Rotten helpfully tweeted a picture for clarification…

Thanks for that Dot!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the pair then got into it on the subject of the Grime scene, which Wiley took rather personally. Well.. it is his bread and butter after all.

Who knew a collaboration would be so hard to work out. Do you think we are going to hear more recycled dub plate diss tracks or will these two find a way to work together after all?