Rapper and all round Mr nice guy Wretch 32 revealed in an interview with The Voice, that although he’s very much single at the moment, there is a particular group of showbiz beauties he has a keen eye for.

Now the father-of-one has said on many occasions that his career has made it difficult for him to even think about getting involved in a relationship… Well apart from that time he was allegedly dating actress Portia Freno. No we haven’t forgotten.

He told the paper:

There’s no special lady in my life right now… I don’t really have a type… I’ll have a crush on Alesha Dixon until I die though… I like Rebecca Ferguson and I think Alexandra Burke is cute

To be honest Alesha and Alexandra do need lessons in how not to fall for men who can’t control their trouser snakes and Rebecca Ferguson seems more into teenagers younger looking men, so maybe Wretch should pick carefully, or just put us out of our misery and make it official with Miss Freno.

They do make a cute couple.