A popular YouTube blogger has caught the eye of Norwegian-Kenyan artist Stella Mwangi also known as STL, leading to a Twitter follow and possible appearance in the popular star’s next music video.


The guys at Pappzd have loved Bady ever since we came across his video about a certain pop star’s sex tape. And ever since then the funny-man’s videos have received views from across the globe, gaining fans from as far as his home of Gambia to Dubai, Jamaica and now Norway.

But it seems like even after gaining over 100,000 views on YouTube and having videos featured on America’s World Star Hip Hop, the only thing right now making Bady happy is recognition from Mwangi who has had her tracks on movies such as American Pie, Save The Last Dance 2 and represented Norway in 2011’s Eurovision.

It’ll be very exciting to see what kind of role Bady could be given in Mwangi’s next video, a love interest perhaps?