Fresh from his stage debut in Meet The Adebanjos Live, T-Boy of Don’t Jealous Me fame is premiering his new show A Cup of T alongside equally popular online show Venus vs Mars, whose season finale will be screened at the premiere.

MTA Productions, the team behind Meet The Adebanjos, have collaborated with the online shows in a bid to pass on their expertise and experience. Tolu Ogunmefun, better known as his internet comedy alter-ego Don’t Jealous Me, said

I’m extremely excited about the premiere. This is my first screening and this means a lot to me. We are going to party like crazy so come and join me in the popping of Fanta.

Baby Isako, the brains behind online hit Venus vs. Mars agreed saying

I’m so excited about the screening of Venus vs. Mars and for MTA for giving us this experience. Hopefully this night will open more doors for Venus vs. Mars. The excitement the whole cast is feeling is overwhelming.

The one-off screening will be held in Leicester Square on Thursday and will play host to all the actors from both shows. Tolu Ogunmefun will be holding a Q&A before the show and guests are invited to the after party at Club Metra.