Teenage superstar sprinter Adam Gemili said he has no time for girlfriends because he is concentrating on his performance for the London Olympics.

Ever since qualifying for the 100m race at the Games that are just weeks away, we’re pretty sure he’s had girls queuing around the block to be his girlfriend!

He told Pappzd:

I don’t really have the time for girls right now. I have lots of training to do before the Olympics and the Junior World Championships.

With his new celeb status Gemili has had a few people come out of the woodwork to ‘re-friend’ congratulate him. He said:

A lot of people have congratulated me. People who I haven’t spoken to in a long time, even people I don’t even know.

Being a teenager and a sport superstar must have its pressures. Gemili said there are things he has missed out on over the years to pursue his dream.

I’ve missed out on things all my life. Like when I used to be a footballer. I haven’t had the opportunity to go out as much or I’ve missed holidays with friends. But it (sport) is what I want to do. If I don’t commit then no-one else will commit for me. It’s a sacrifice I have to make.

Aww such a dedicated young man! So will this new found celeb status get to his head?

I’ve got great family and great friends who won’t let the celebrity stuff get to me or affect my performance. I won’t let that happen either.

Naah. Didn’t think so!