So let’s get this straight; you sit on a chair on a judging panel, watch a variety of (mostly bad) entertainment acts and hit a buzzer if you really hate it? And for all this hard graft you get a whopping salary of £400k. Where do we sign up?

Unlucky for us, we’ve not been asked. But former Mis-teeq member Alesha Dixon has this cheeky salary to look forward to after she was offered a £100,000 pay rise to return as a judge on this year’s BGT panel.

Alesha, who was paid £300k to appear as a judge on the show last year said:

I had a phone call from one of the bosses a week ago who said they want the panel to stay the same and asked me. We’re all buzzing about it.

She also added:

There was a genuine chemistry. I think even Simon really, really enjoyed it, you could see that.

As much as David was winding him up, I think he loves that. Amanda’s got a filthy laugh and the two of us are constantly laughing, and I think that’s the thing.

Or maybe Simon fancies you?

Well with so much money in the bank, maybe you can throw a few thousands at Twitter and ask them to verify you. I mean you’re Alesha Dixon for Pete’s sake!