Someone call 999, because this is a fashion emergency. We all know Alexandra Burke is having a tough time of late, but surely a holiday in Miami  allowed Alexandra time to clear her head and sort her wardrobe out. Well apparently not, as she performed at T4 On the Beach on July 1 looking like a hobo’s bundle on a stick.

The Elephant singer *pause* took to the stage in Weston and gave an energetic performance in this disastrous ensemble consisting of skin tight trousers and a matching bralet with clumpy patent black ankle boots. I’m not sure if she got the memo, that once you become a celebrity a mid-heel is no longer an option for you, so Let it Go.

Can someone please tell us why her backing dancer is better dressed than her?!

Alexandra made the look worse with black lipstick and heavy eye make up that was more drag than fab.

Please can someone put Alexandra back on the right track and help her dress her age, this is no way to show Mr. Defoe what he’s missing!

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the Stylist