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Angel revealed in an interview with Amaru Don the meaning behind the song Wonderful, which we thought was pretty straight forward. Apparently not.

Now it’s very easy to go off on a tangent in an interview, especially when you’re asked to describe what your song means, and Angel managed to confuse us fantastically when he was asked to decode the lyrics for Wonderful. He said:

Where I’m coming from I dunno if it’s the way I dress, the way I speak, the hand gestures I make… I dunno what it is. But sometimes you go into places and you’re just automatically stereotyped.

People percieve you in the way that they just think it’s cool too and that’s not the case sometimes and the majority of the time that is the case, reality it is the case. And it doesn’t matter and I’m not the sort of guy who says ‘Do you know who I am’ ‘Do you know what I do’ or ‘I work with this person’.

Sometimes even up to today, even when you cross the road and you’re going across the road, pass a car and she’s locking her doors… Sometimes they get the wrong perception.

Perhaps it’s all the tattoos Angel? The west London star went on to say that situations like the one described above, shouldn’t change a person

The whole thing with Wonderful is like, saying like… That’s not gonna change me. It doesn’t take for me to have to wile out on the street for you to know who I am… So my whole thing is, whatever’s wonderful in your vision that’s what you go by don’t let anyone change you

Yh we’re confused too. I thought the song was about a crazy dove and people sitting in bathtubs.