We’re not sure what Anton Murphy has been up to since he left the Big Brother house, but it’s safe to say he’s still up to his same old tricks. The former reality star took to the stage at music showcase Sick A Bit at The Purple Turtle in Camden last night, after refusing to come on stage because his name wasn’t said correctly, with a drink in his hand to perform a few tracks for the buzzing audience.

Unfortunately, the drink seemed to catch up with him halfway through his set, as he had to take a seat and stop rapping for a moment, leaving a bemused presenter and audience waiting patiently. It’s not surprising as Anton tweeted that he was already faded (that’s drunk to us) on his way to soundcheck which was at 5:19 pm.

The rapper seemed to gain his composure and finish off his set well and was left to enjoy the rest of his night.

Let’s hope Anton can keep it together for the next event, if he’s invited back that is.