Ashley cole at john terry race row trial

Ashley Cole claims that the only thing he heard was John Terry sarcastically repeat the slur Anton Ferdinand thought was used and thinks “we shouldn’t be sitting here.”

When asked about the exchanges between Terry and Ferdinand, Cole said:

When JT turns around I was on the halfway line looking for a free-kick where they’d made a foul.

I remember JT running back and Anton shouting things and making gestures

What I can make out, yes. I can make out him either saying ‘Bridgey’ (whereupon Cole pumps his fist), or ‘black’. I can’t say either. I don’t hear it out loud but I’m looking at him.

Anton Ferdinand and John Terry

John Terry and Anton Ferdinand exchange warring words during the Barclays Premier League QPR vs Chelsea match at Loftus Road

After the match, Cole acted as a go-between Ferdinand and Terry. Prosecution barrister Duncan Penny alleges it is because Terry realised he said something questionable in front of millions of people watching the game. Penny asked why Cole acted in this role. He said:

Because of what JT has said on the pitch, Anton’s come into the changing room and repeated it and I’ve repeated it back and that’s it

I said did you think he called you a racist name?

Cole claims that was the end of it.

If someone just goes up to someone and says it then of course you wouldn’t take it. If someone’s repeated it it’s different. Racism shouldn’t be tolerated.

JT was saying he thought Anton had said something black and he’s just repeated it. That was it. I think we shouldn’t be sitting here. Personally.

The trial continues.