vanessa bryant 2012 london

We all saw NBA star Kobe Bryant towering over his fellow American Olympians at Friday’s opening ceremony… and then almost immediately after, we all saw pictures plastered over the internet of him having a pretty wild night out in Barcelona with various friendly females.

Well, one woman that also saw those incriminating pictures was his wife Vanessa, who has now flown out to London to keep an eye on her husband during his time here. Although, we‘re sure she’ll argue that she’s just here to show him some support while he helps lead his team to a hopeful (and probable) gold medal victory.

Apparently Vanessa was furious when the embarrassing pictures emerged, but TMZ have reported that this was not because she thought her hubby had cheated, but because he shouldn’t have put himself in a position where those photos could be taken.

And the fact he was topless in a few snaps (supposedly someone spilt their drink on him * side eye *) added fuel to the fire no doubt.

Either way the LA Lakers’ wife has touched down in the capital with the couple’s two daughters and has been spotted doing some serious retail therapy at Dolce & Gabanna on Bond Street.

She may not have been with him shooting in the gym, but she’s certainly making sure she puts a dent in his bank account so that he doesn’t get off too easily.

Let’s hope we don’t see any typical Basketball Wives drama on our soil during the Olympics. Although if it does kick off, Pappzd will definitely have front row seats to that event… with popcorn!