Adam Big brother dairy room

Just when we were about to go out to buy wedding presents for Big Brother’s Shievonne and Adam’s big day, it seemed that their relationship took a knock in the house this weekend.

Last night Adam Kelly who was left weeping into his pillow after he was secretly filmed in an interview set up by fellow housemates calling should be future wife  Shievonne Robinson fake in the diary room.

He told the Diary room:

The way the she intimidates people, she corners them and intimidates them a lot… for some reason she can just cry on cue… but like today she received a letter and it was touching and moving and other people cried and she didn’t and it’s like how can you cry at the eviction of someone you’ve just met for two weeks but when a letter and something really personal comes to you you don’t show emotion

This left Shievonne angry saying that Adam was claiming that she didn’t love her nieces who had sent her a letter into the house for her birthday.

Adam later apologised when he realised that Shievonne had watched the interview saying ‘Sorry it happened on your birthday’, but emotions got the better of the 27-year-old leaving him sobbing in the bedroom:

I don’t want to sit around f*cking hurting anybody, but they put me in a position that could hurt somebody… I didn’t come here to hurt anybody

There there Adam it’s Ok, we know you’re just a big Kat Williams-lookalike-softy at heart. Can someone please pass over a Kleenex!