Every year we say to ourselves that we’re not going to give into watching the devil’s reality TV show that is Big Brother. But for the twelfth time in a row we’ve found ourselves mysteriously superglued onto our sofas watching hours of endless whining-crying-bitchty-argumentative-dry humping-horny-annoyingly talentless-Z list wannabes.

And guess what? We Love it.

Within only two weeks of Big Brother being on our TVs, we witnessed this series’ first big Brother relationship develop between Essex girl Ashleigh ‘I-would-never-have-sex-in-the-house-but-i-really-want-to’ Hughes and meathead Luke Scrase. Also, we’ve been watching the will-they-won’t-they type relationship between models Aaron Lowe and Sarah McLean. But we here at Pappzd have noticed a much stronger yet less obvious relationship forming over the weeks between feisty housemate Shievonne Robinson and wannabe ladies man Adam Kelly.

Here are five reasons why the two should forget about the cameras and get down to business.

 1. Trust Issues

Day six saw the news begin to spread around the house about housemates being able to discuss nominations. It didn’t take long before alliances were being made to get certain housemates evicted. As soon as Adam found out about the news the first person he told was Yup…you guessed it Shievonne even before his best friend in the house Luke A. Adam obviously doesn’t live by the rule ‘Bros before Hoes’ when it comes to Miss. Robinson.

2. The Proposal

Day 16 in the house saw Big Brother host what had to be the most awkward marriage proposal by Adam to Shiveonne. Now of course the whole idea was a joke but judging by the annoyed  look on Shieveonne’s face, it was clear that the 28-year-old didn’t see the funny side to Adam’s stunt. Now what gave the situation it’s awkward.com stamp was the fact that Shievonne didn’t actually say no.

Later in the diary room she explained her frustration:

I’m not happy with him at this moment so I can’t say yes, because that’s just stupid,’… We’re gonna have to communicate. We’re gonna have to do it, it’s a bit awk… Even as a joke he knows I wanna get married and have kids. At this point do I say yes, do I say no?

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Though Adam may have thought this was all harmless banter, we all know there’s no smoke without fire.

3. Their Love Hate relationship 

We’ve all heard the saying that there’s a thin line between love and hate. So we’d like to think that even though the pair have had more downs than ups during their time in the house. For example when Adam nominated Shievonne for eviction in week four and when Shievonne said she would “shit” on former Crips gang member, all that fighting is just sexual tension. That right there is love.

4. Perfect Parents

So we’ve already decided that when they leave the Big Brother house, Shievonne and Adam are going to get married and set up home in a five bed semi in Kent where they can give words of wisdom to their five kids. I mean having an ex-Playboy bunny and a reformed gang member as your parents would mean they’d be never short of stories to tell the grandkids. Plus Shievonne has even admitted that she’s a professional arguer. So it’s clear who’d be wearing the trousers if the pair did get together.

5. They can go halves on relaxers!

Us ladies are aware of how expensive and time consuming looking after our hair can be but imagine if your partner is like Adam who has to pay as much attention to his Katt Williams locks just as much as you do! There’d be no moaning about leaving your weave or relaxer laying around the house. Just imagine all the Just For Me you could by on two budgets!

Ok, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves but this could really be the start of something special, just you wait before you know it Shivadam will be signing magazine deals. You heard it here first.