It’s been reported that Producers of Channel 5’s Big Brother called in a psychiatrist after fears grew for the well-being of hosuemate Shievonne Robinson. The 28-year-old beauty worried bosses after she made a suicidal remark in an argument with fellow housemate Deana Uppal, revealing that she was feeling ‘very depressed’.

Robinson’s emotions began to run high after housemate Adam Kelly claimed that she was ‘fake’ and ‘not to be trusted‘ in a diary room interview, which was streamed to some housemates including Shievonne, causing tension between the two and the rest of the group. The arguments and tension led to her being put up for Friday night’s eviction which she blamed on Deana.

In the argument Shievonne told Deana:

 When I go low, I go low. I was crying hysterically. I’ve had the worst three days of my life. I’ve been on suicide watch

Producers promptly called her into the diary room where she was able to talk to a mental health professional before assuring Big Brother that she was ok, describing her remark as ‘flippant’ and that she had no intention to harm herself.

Shievonne is up against Irish housemate Conor McIntyre in tomorrow’s live eviction.