Ofcom received a barrel of complaints on Thursday night after annoying Big Brother housemate Caroline Wharram called former gang member Adam Kelly a ‘gorilla’.

Now of all the things to call a black man on Big Brother, the show that is famous for its race rows amongst other things, you call him a gorilla. I mean really?

Th insult happened after Caroline was challenged to eat a jar of sweets within ten minutes while sitting on one of those playground roundabouts. Adam began to spin her faster as she was on the roundabout making her cry and when she got off, she complained to the other housemates saying

He’s just a ridiculous gorilla – bowl haircut, no sanitation. He’s just disgusting.

Adam was of course confused as to why Caroline had reacted the way she had and after receiving a telling off from Big Brother the 20-year-old boarding schoolgirl apologised to Adam saying

It’s not a personal attack. I do really like you. I just don’t react well and I’m really sorry. I genuinely like you.

The two later made up after Caroline cried a river into Adam’s arms and it’s a good thing she did, because she wouldn’t want any of his criminal friends to be waiting for her on the outside.