After 39 days as a housemate, the British public has booted Shievonne Robinson out of the Big Brother house. The 28-year-old singleton from Lewisham was up against Conor McIntyre in the house’s sixth eviction.

After weeks full of arguments, tears and suicide threats, it seemed that Britain was fed up with Shievonne’s self-confessed argumentative nature.

Despite being one of the favourites to win at the beginning of the show, Shievonne’s onscreen meltdown unraveled a depressed, bitchy and mean side to the happy-go-lucky ex Playboy bunny most of us fell in love with within the first week.

As one of the oldest housemates in the house she took on the mothering role, instantly making her a hit with the rest of the group. But with time, the other housemates soon rebelled against her authority, labeling her a bully and intimidating.

So what’s next for Miss. Robinson? A lad’s mag cover or maybe the best anger management classes Big Brother loser money can buy you?