Wiley has once again found himself engaged in some Twitter beef. This time with North London MC, Big H.

The Godfather of Grime seems to spend more time having a war of words these days than he does with his note pad. It was just the other week he was going back and fourth with old time rival Dot Rotten, but it looks like Wiley has found a new play mate.

Shockingly enough Wiley wasn’t the one to kick things off this time with Big H having a select choice of words for Wiley in a recent kiss FM freestlye for grime DJ Logan Sama.

Look at his YouTube vid, this guy looks like a stupid kid, heard his album that was a scam, can’t fool me cah i’m not a fan…

Can’t see Wiley he is a cat, caught in a trap you are a rat, big intruder pass me the bat.

Even more shocking was Wiley’s response

Seems like sometime during the week Wiley bumped his head and gained some self control and maturity choosing not to attack Big H. And there we were getting some popcorn ready.