One of the best parts of being famous has to be the adoring fans who camp outside your home and chase you down the streets begging for a picture or autograph. And one lucky guy whose fans will do anything to get his attention is Sneakbo, who got a lovely treat at Wireless festival last weekend when a girl took her top off and poured champagne over her body! (Yes you read that right)

Sneakbo was one of the many artists performing at the annual event and was clearly over the moon to see how far his fans were willing to go.

A festival goer who was watching Sneakbo told Pappzd

Sneakbo came on stage and the crowd just went wild and one girl even got naked and poured alcohol over herself. Then Sneakbo and his friend Ard Adz looked like they were signalling her to come on stage with big smiles on their faces.

Tweeters at the event and people who didn’t even attend also expressed their shock at the news

No darling, not apparently ‘tits’ were very much out and miss out you did. Watch the clip below to see the die hard fan in action.