Bow Wow denim jacket

American stars love coming over to our rainy shores. Take Rihanna for example… she never wants to leave! But it looks like Bow Wow hasn’t had the best experiences while staying here, as the rapper revealed that he’s apparently been subject to racial discrimination at the Park Plaza Hotel in London’s Westminster.

On Thursday night the YMCMB star made an appearance at the El Penol club, but later felt compelled to check out of the Park Plaza after staff accused him of smoking in his room.

Bow Wow explained the embarrassing situation to his Twitter followers:

And this wasn’t the first time the Park Plaza in Westminster had given him grief:

However, instead of kicking up a fuss and making a scene, the 25-year-old simply moved to another hotel.

Somehow we can imagine an apologetic fruit basket isn’t going to convince Bow Wow to book a room there again.

On another note, check out which UK artist he was hanging out with earlier on in the night…

Bow Wow & Sneakbo

Unlikely friendships: Since when did Sneakbo know Bow Wow?!

First he’s getting pally with Drake and now he’s BFFs with Bow Wow? Could Sneakbo be trying to be the next member of Young Money?