A 22-year-old woman who gave birth when she was 12 after a one night stand, has admitted that getting knocked up before her teenage years was the best thing she has ever done because now she can go out clubbing and is a sexy size six. *side eye*

Amy Crowhurst openly encourages girls to have sex at a young age if they feel ready and told Closer magazine that she wouldn’t mind if her 7-year-old daughter Destiny got pregnant at 12.

The mother-of-two also revealed that she pities the girls she went to school with who are not only struggling with parenthood now, but are also fat.

Having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did… When I see girls I went to school with having babies now, I’m so glad I got it out of the way. They’ll be at home and up in the night for the next 10 years. Plus they’re fat and I’m a size six! I missed school, but I can catch up – and I’ll appreciate it more

We’re not sure these girls will be happy to read that they’re being called fat but hey, Amy can do what she wants – she’s a size six for heaven’s sake.

Amy got pregnant in 2002 after having sex with a 15-year-old boy. She dropped out of school at 13 to look after her son Alfie and in 2005 fell pregnant again when she and Alfie’s father reconciled.

At the age of 16 she gave birth to her daughter Destiny. Amy admits that she struggled with life as a single mum after she lost contact with the children’s father and turned to drugs to help her cope.

She also shared her views on under-age sex, which is illegal by the way

Sex at 12 is fine if you feel ready and aren’t pressured. I wouldn’t encourage Destiny to plan pregnancy at 12, but if she did have a baby I’d be happy – it’d be fun being a gran at 27!’

Amy is now getting her life back on track and is returning to college to get her GCSEs with ambitions of becoming a health care worker. Apparently Amy believes she’s a better mum for having had children early as she can relate to her off-spring easier due to their age gap.

If you have a 12-year-old sister or cousin you would like to see preggas, make sure you pick up Closer magazine now for some hints and tips on how to get your life back on track after being the UK’s youngest mother.