The paparazzi must dread the arrival of Chelsee Healey on the red carpet, as once again she proved that she has absolutely no sense of appropriate attire as she arrived at a Helen Nachintu fashion show at Rosso restaurant in Manchester last week, wearing some kind of Spanish Halloween costume from hell.

Chelsee posed with bitchy Liverpool blogger Jaiden Mitchell outside the venue in a head scratchingly tight pair of studded leggings, pulled up over her stomach and the top half of a Strictly Come Dancing salsa costume. The only saving grace of this outfit are those gorgeous Jeffery Campbell Lita Platform Boots with studded heels. Here they are up close:

While Chelsee’s body did not look at all happy to be squeezed into the outfit, Chelsee’s head seemed excited to be attending the show tweeting:

The outfit looked slightly better from the back, but that top, which is actually a piece from Helen Nachintu’s line, definitely belongs in the reject pile backstage on the Strictly Come Dancing set. Even the addition of a high ponytail and a champagne glass did nothing to make it look more classy.

Someone give us her stylist’s address!