Whether she’s in the UK, on holiday, on a night out or strolling through the city, Chelsee Healey does not dress well. In fact the only time I’ve seen her look good is when she plays Janeece Bryant on Waterloo Road. Chelsee tottered down to the Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza to celebrate a very badly dressed Tulisa’s birthday party on July 13.

Wearing a pink swimsuit, a paisley kaftan, pink glitter platform heels and a head tie that makes her look like she’s about to tell fortunes, Chelsee arrived at Tulisa’s party giving off the impression that she really couldn’t be bothered to change from a day lounging by the pool, and so just squeezed her sandy feet into the nearest pair of garish shoes and called it an outfit.

Luckily Tulisa looked like she decided to go it alone without a stylist and wasn’t looking her best either, so there was no one to be embarrassed of looking bad in front of.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the Stylist