Chipmunk Nervous Breakdown on Twitter

We’re starting to get ever so worried about Chip. The north London rapper took to Twitter to post some very worrying tweets about his state of mind and we’re starting to wonder if it’s all getting too much for him.

Being signed to T.I’s label Grand Hustle and all the expectations of producing a good album must be getting to Chip, as he questioned taking a break from music and hiding away on a remote island.

In 2009 Chip shocked his fans when he tweeted ‘I wanna die’, later asking if suicide was easy.

He later spoke out about these tweets saying:

I’m on a trip back to normality. I’m in good health and it’s all good. Things got a bit crazy and I needed to take a break to sort my head out but I feel better already

Well we hope Chip’s managment team are looking after him, and if you want to cry into my bosom Chip, I’m ready and waiting.