Max was allegedly removed from Choice FM breakfast after relationship with Kojo deteriorated

Choice FM presenter Max has responded to Dappy’s controversial new video Tarzan 2 in which the rapper disses almost everybody in the entertainment industry.

Max went on record tweeting:

I’m very disappointed in Dappy for the way he spoke about me and other women in his latest freestyle.

We have been friends for a long time, that have always respected each other personally and professionally.

To speak about a friend or any woman that has done you no wrong in that way is inexcusable.

He is also a dad and being so derogatory towards women is unacceptable.

Disrespecting friends only makes you look like a bully, especially just so you benefit financially, because let’s be honest it doesn’t bring you any creative accolades.

I want all the girls that follow me and support what I do to know no man has any right to talk about women this way unprovoked and unjustified. He should know better, we are supposed to be friends.

Pretty strong stuff. However, Max is no stranger to frenemies.

The half Bajan half Egyptian beauty was once part of the Choice FM Breakfast line up with Kojo the Comedian but was eventually dropped when the two presenters were at complete loggerheads.

A source told Pappzd:

The relationship between Kojo and Max went pretty sour. On air they would banter but off air they wouldn’t speak. Couldn’t stand each other.

It got so bad that Kojo approached Choice FM bosses and gave them an ultimatum; either he leaves or she does – because they just couldn’t work together anymore.

So Kojo and Max became Kojo OR Max!

Nowadays you can catch Max with her own show but during the weekend. However, our source said even that has had its problems. They said:

Ratings for her show nosedived down to just 1,000 listeners. In the station she was nicknamed “Flatline” but I’m not sure whether she picked up on that.

Before joining Choice FM, Coventry girl Max was dropped by BBC’s 1xtra during their 2011 reshuffle of the station. Dear oh dear.