So this week rapper Dappy released his highly anticipated, highly controversial and highly addictive Tarzan 2.

Just when we thought that the former N-Dubz couldn’t get himself in any more trouble, the No Regrets rapper has taken to his Twitter to apologise for causing upset to the family of teacher Philip Lawrence who was stabbed and killed in 1995 outside Dappy’s former school St. George’s R.C in west London.

He was killed by Learco Chindamo who Dappy gave a shout out to at the beginning of Tarzan 2.

Learco Chindamo is set to be released next year

Chindamo who is set to be released next year was featured in the message “Free Leo Chindamo” along with the singer’s other jailed friends. Last night the widow of Philip Lawrence, Frances, said:

I haven’t heard the song yet. But I don’t think it is right someone should be making money from using his name in a song.

This afternoon Dappy tweeted:

So Dappy should’ve done his homework before he started giving out shout outs. Will this boy ever keep out of trouble? We doubt it!