Oh dear when will Dappy learn to control that temper of his? Especially on Twitter.

The N-Dubz star argued with a follower on the social networking site, but managed to offend a whole lot of other people when he referenced the chromosomal condition Down Syndrome in a tweet.

He tweeted:

Ur a d**khead in your HOOD you’ve never BEEN KNOWN…I’ll get your Face F***ed DOWN SYNDROME.

Although the tweet was deleted shortly after, Dappy was challenged by the Down Heart Group Charity and quite rightly so.

Information Officer of the charity, Sarah Smith told The Sun:

There will be a lot of Dappy’s fans who have Down’s syndrome who will not be happy he used that term as a form of abuse.

Is there anyone that Dappy doesn’t want to offend this month? Because he’s doing a good job at annoying pretty much everyone. We’re just waiting for our insult.