Dappy has always been popular with the ladies no matter what city or country he’s in. And a recent trip to Ibiza left Dappy being questioned by the police after he was caught in a hotel room with five bikini-clad girls!

The former N-Dubz rapper was enjoying a holiday on the sunny Spanish island, but it all got a bit too loud and wild as guests in fancy hotel Pikes started complaining about the practically naked women running in and out of Dappy’s private suite. A guest said:

He was basically partying with a load of young female fans and it was getting pretty wild.

We should hope so! I mean you don’t invite five girls back to your room for a cup of tea do you? Especially when your name is Dappy. The police were called after the controversial rapper was found arguing with staff and instead of joining in with all the fun, he was asked to leave.

Dappy was filming a new video at the hotel, so it’s only fair that he had some hot girls in his room, we just hope the hotel staff didn’t walk in on anything X Rated. Because we all know what Dappy’s working with and how much he loves to show it off.