Last night saw the London premiere of the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. And of course Leicester Square was studded with thousands of stars from both the big and small screen. But among all those famous faces, did our urban stars let the side down, or represent us well?

Ashley Walters

In third place Ashley Walters, turned up to the premiere with a woman he described on Twitter as his “baby”, talented actress Danielle Isaie. And we have to admit they look pretty damn good together.

His shiny blazer and her long lace dress look pretty gorgeous against each other, and they look like a proper celebrity couple. Aww.

Simon Webbe 


In second place, Mr and Mrs PDA arrived at the premiere looking super suave. Maria Kouka wore a sexy LBD, which left very little to the imagination (we’ve practically seen everything already to be honest) and Mr Webbe wore a matching tie, shirt and a tailored black suit. Not looking bad at all, but not quite good enough to get first place…


I know what you’re thinking, “Since when did Fazer look like this?!!” yep we’re all thinking it too. It’s incomprehensible that Tulisa left this hunk of a man for weedy little Jack O’ Connell. Fazer has really made us sit up and pay attention after his sophisticated makeover, and he didn’t even need Simon Cowell to do it.

Oh and just in case any of you were wondering who that scruffy guy the security guards let into the event was, it was a rather unkempt looking David Haye.

David Haye made zero effort at the movie premiere