David Haye and Dereck Chisora Hugging

Get a room boys!

The fight we’ve all been waiting for, David Haye vs Dereck Chisora. It promised to be one of the biggest grudge matches in British boxing history and definitely lived up to its hype!

30,000 fans made their way to Upton Park to watch the highly anticipated match and it was great to see the talented sportsmen actually fighting like men and not throwing words at each other like a pair of bitchy school girls.

In a fight in which both fighters promised fireworks, the opening round was a cagey affair, with Haye just edging it. Rounds two, three and four followed in a similar fashion with Haye settling into his rhythm and picking off Chisora with punishing right-left combinations.

In the 5th round, a stiff straight left followed by a huge right, sent Chisora stumbling to the canvas and Haye then pounced sending him down again with a flurry of hooks. Chisora again rose unsteadily to his feet, but the referee decided he had seen enough and put an end to the match, arranged following their February brawl in Munich.

Now that Haye has proved himself, the 31-year-old can consider a world title fight with Vitali Klitschko, the Ukrainian boxer who beat Chisora in February and brother of Wladimir, to whom Haye lost a year ago when his toe let him down. *side eye*

After the match, the BFFs embraced like long lost brothers, with Chisora revealing that he would be giving £20,000 to leukaemia charity ACLT, supported by Haye.

The beef is over for me as well… now we can eat in the same restaurants and go in the same clubs. After the fight we made up… It was a great fight and everything is done. Now I’m £20,000 down, but a bet is a bet.