Emmanuel Frimpong has been charged by the FA for a racist message he posted from his Twitter account calling a rival fan a “scum Yid”.

The footballer posted the offensive message on July 15 after a Twitter user responded to a previous tweet in which Frimpong asked for prayers. A Spurs supporter then replied saying, ‘I prayed you break your arms and legs’.

Frimpong then retweeted the tweet with the offensive term and sparked a debate on Twitter, which was brought to the FA’s attention.

An FA statement said:

Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong has been charged under FA Rule E3 for improper conduct in relation to recent comments made on Twitter.

The allegation is that Frimpong posted comments amounting to improper conduct and/or which brought the game into disrepute, which included a reference to ethnic origin, faith or race. The player has until 4pm on July 27 to respond to the charge.

The term yid is a racially offensive insult used against Jewish people which is similar in degree to the terms nigger and paki when referring to a black person or south Asian respectively.