The father of one of the criminals who killed Ben Kinsella, is suing the police for harsh treatment he apparently received when his son was being hunted for the 2008 murder.

Michael Alleyne Sr claims he was kicked in the face and had his ankle broken when the Metropolitan Police pushed him to the ground after coming to his house in search of his son.

The 62-year-old is suing for an estimated £100,000 in damages for the fractured ankle and an eye injury, as well as post traumatic stress.

Ben Kinsella was brutally murdered in 2008.

Ben was brutally murdered by Jade Braithwaite, Juress Kika and Michael Alleyne when he was just 16 and out celebrating the end of his GCSE examinations in North London. His death led to to an increase in minimum sentences for knife crime.

The Metropolitan Police have denied liability and Mr Alleyne’s claims about receiving harsh treatment are hotly disputed. Officers claim the London Underground worker appeared to be struggling and needed to be restrained as part of the murder probe.

The trial continues.